COVID-19: Positive Impacts and Way Forward

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Ayushi Sharma




COVID-19 or coronavirus disease 2019 has penetrated all across the world. There are some positive connotations which needs to be analyzed in order gain some insight. 




COVID-19 is a dreaded disease outbreak turned pandemic of the century which have huge negative impact on the lifestyle of the human population. The devastation that caused by the disease outbreak is tremendous and may take years to heal. But there is other side of the story. Many unexpected effects were seen after mitigation measures were enforced. The effects that we experience would have taken years if such drastic measures were not undertaken. From cleaner environment to reduction in traffic accidents, from positive behavioral changes to accelerated science and technology actions there are many positives which are attached to COVID-19 effects. 



Although these measures cannot be continued for long term another sustainable strategy and policies are needed in order to maintain the gains that we got unexpectedly. More study needs to be done in order to plan about how these effects can be sustained. 

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