Review Article on Myths about COVID-19

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Bharat Jotwani


A substitute disease was recently discovered in Wuhan, China at the beginning of 2019. It is recognized that this disease was caused by a new kind of substitute coronavirus and almost affects the whole world. The 2019-nCov or Wuhan-coronavirus was identified by Chinese investigators. But the World Health Organisation has called it as COVID-19 virus when communicating with the COVID-19 media worldwide as well as in India to prevent doubts and misunderstandings. It has disturbed and made people unstable. In Indian society there are numerous misunderstandings and rumours of coronavirus that cause trepidation in the mind of people. The myths and facts about coronavirus must be discerned so that we can alleviate the panic between people so that adequate precautions can be taken for our safety. This article thus aims to make the common people aware of the myths and the facts. We must understand and keep knowledge of myths through social media so that we can protect you with such harsh evils. At individual levels, people must avoid COVID 19. Appropriate action will be beneficial to the whole world in discreet communities and countries.

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