COVID-19 and Most Affected Section of the Society

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Kaveri Rusia, Dr. Swaroopa Chakole




COVID-19 or coronavirus disease 2019 is constantly emerging pandemic that has created unprecedented challenge in front of humanity as a whole. Extremely high spreading ability and high mortality rate and negative clinical outcomes is what mostly feared of. 




COVID-19 has affected almost every person directly or indirectly. The multispectral impact on human life is unprecedented. The differential impact on various strata of the society needed more vigorous study on it so that clear picture emerges out. The plight of migrant laborers and daily wagers were seen by many and consoled. The vulnerable section mentioned had negative effect on health, sociopolitical and economic aspect of their lives. More person are on the verge of extreme poverty than never before. 




More philanthropic activity and poverty alleviating programs are needed to avoid widespread social distress among population. Sectional research and targeted delivery of schemes may be needed so that true beneficiary will get the benefit.  

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