Problems Faced by Doctors while Managing COVID Patient in Institutional Isolation Duty during COVID-19: An Article

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Meenal Rajput, Dr. Sourya Acharya



Once again the globe is facing the menace of a lethal virus. After the Ebola crisis in Africa, the WHO declared the novel coronavirus to be a pandemic, started spreading from Wuhan city in China in December 2019. We need to acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of doctors in this covid19 crisis for performing their duties without even thinking of being infected by the virus and risking their life. Doctors are at the forefront in the war against the COVID-19 pandemic, they are facing many obstacles in performing their duties.. Doctors are going through many difficulties in isolation duty. Physicians have been called upon to work under radically new situations, to feel exhausted due to heavy workloads and protective equipment, to fear of being exposed and infecting others, to feel helpless in coping with patients' conditions, and to navigate a stressful situation. These all were the main, which is to be manipulated and controlled by the health worker providers.



This article is to find out the issues faced by the doctors while working in the isolation duty.


Study among 50 doctors, 98% of them has received training in donning and doffing of PPE, 88% experience shortage of amenities in isolation wards, while 52% face interruption while doing work in PPE. 100% of them experience suffocation while wearing PPE. 12% of them have a fear of being isolated while working in isolation wards. 16% of them were worried and tensed all the time while working in covid ward.


It is required to identify the difficulties that are faced by the doctors while working in covid isolation duty and at most to resolve them so that they can work comfortably and to strengthen the protection of those persons who carry out their duties fearlessly.

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