COVID 19: A Strange Worldwide Pandemic

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Dr. Sneha Lodhi


Corona virus disease (COVID -19)   is a severe acute respiratory syndrome which cause respiratory tract illness. The pandemic caused by virus originated in Wuhan. Later declared as a pandemic by WHO. It causes symptom like common cold, fever, body ache, cough and loss of taste sensation which are commonly seen in most of the patient. Older and one with comorbidity are at high risk to get infected. The average time period from exposure to symptoms is 5 days. Many asymptotic cases where reported which shows no symptoms but show viral load on RT-PCR. Patients are considered covid-19 positive based on clinical features & radiological findings. On chest x-ray  it shows ground-glass opacity. More than 75 percent of patients hospitalized require supplemental oxygen. Treatment for individual with COVID -19 include best practice for supportive management of acute hypoxic respiratory failure. Immediate hospitalization of positive patient if spo2 drops below 95 percent . Diagnosis is made by detection of SARS cov-2 via reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction testing, although false positive result may occur in up to 20 to 60 % patients. Suspected cases are quarantine for 14 days. Preventive measures include hand washing, social distancing etc. Recently COVISHEILD & COVAXIN is approved for emergency use. Reaction of vaccination include fever ,body ache, swelling at local site, pain, malaise, joint pains. 

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