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Raima Shirinova et al.


Background: this article is devoted to the work of the Kyrgyz Soviet writer ChingizAytmatov. In the vast world of fiction, Aytmatov's works amaze us with their figurative system. Against the background of everything and everyone, admires us with the simplicity, beauty, the variety of images created by the writer, whether it is the image of a person, politician, journalist, village shepherd, tree, horse, whale, ocean, etc.The Sarozek steppes, the vastness of space, Issyk-Kul, the Kremlin, Red Square in Moscow, a yurt in a Kyrgyz village, a church choir, Shostakovich's music, Georgian singing, Baikonur, legends about mankurt and many other concepts and phenomena of humanity make up the figurative system of ChingizAytmatov. The created artistic images cover huge layers of the life of peoples, an individual person, accompanying a person with his constant anxieties, experiences, joy, gains, losses and much of what we call life.

Results: Reading Aytmatov, getting imbued with his images, we are more and more convinced that literature in a number of other arts is closer and more understandable to a person, because the main means of artistic expression is the word, this is a natural need for communication between people. We love to speak out, hear someone's confession; we simply cannot do without speech. And then we ask ourselves the question, what is this - the art of the word, how the word turns into an artistic image and makes us compassionate, laugh and cry, think, agree and argue, and most importantly receive aesthetic pleasure, because literature is an art.

Conclusions: All ingenious is simple. Characters, descriptive elements of the plot, used by the author to create certain images, are in a certain system, filled with aesthetic, philosophical, realistic meaning.

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