“A Study on The Levels Of Stress Among Post Graduate Students Of Dibrugarh University’’

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Sri Gaurab Pratim Hazarika, Dr. (Mrs.) Neeta Kalita Barua


Stress is normally an unavoidable part of everyone’s life living in this world. It portrays a negative notion that can have an impact on one’s mental and physical well-being. Stress is always regarded as a psychological process that involves an individual’s personal interpretation and response to any threatening event. Stress is an unavoidable part of life everybody meet with stress in his/ her life; it can take a toll on students‟ physical health, mental health, and academic success and even on every part of life unless they discover to cope with it appropriately. Stress has a negative impact on one’s mental and physical wellbeing. Throughout a lifetime, one may experience thousands of different episodes of stress. It means that stress may be a normal, adaptive reaction to threat. Its role is to signal and prepare individuals to take defensive action. Take for instance, fear of things that present realistic threats motivates individuals to deal with them or avoid them. . College and Post Graduation students experience stress connected to changes in lifestyle, increased workload, new tasks, interpersonal relationships and a lot of other things. Tremendous levels of stress can hinder work efficacy and lead to meagre academic performance and at the same time it affects one’s overall happiness.

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