Challenges Of Virtual Mode Of Education Faced By The Higher Secondary Students During Covid 19 Lockdown

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Dr. Rumpa Das


The virtual mode of education became popular during the lockdown which was the result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Education of the country cannot be stopped as it can affect the countries in an adverse way. Education plays an important role in the development of any country. In the pandemic virtual mode of education acts as a saviour for the students and provides a way for the students to continue their studies by following the social distancing. However, having several benefits it has major challenges which are faced by the students of higher education. Research methodology can maintain overall strategy and procedure of this study. Positivism research philosophy has been selected for this study. Deductive research approach has been selected in this study. Secondary data collected from published journal, books, and articles for this study. Along with his secondary data analysis process is used in this study. Descriptive research design has been selected for this study. Main objective of this study is to identify challenges of virtual mode of education. This study is trying to justify impact of this virtual mode of education on Higher Secondary students during Covid-19 outbreak.

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