An Assessment of the Climatic Characteristics and Their Impact on the Traffic Accidents in the City of Ramadi

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Dr. Mohanad abed Hammad, Dr. Ammeer Mohammed Khalaf, Abd Ul RAzzaq Mohammed Jabbar


The facets of the climate have a great impact on the traffic of different means of transportation as long as  bad weather conditions usually reduce the density of the transportation, especially on the land roads, while good conditions help to increase the use of the land roads.

The climatic characteristics have a direct impact on the occurrence of the traffic accidents for the increase in the amount of rain, the fog and the intensity of fog  are all responsible factors for impeding traffic stream. This study aims at identifying the effect of the climatic characteristics on the traffic accidents in the Ramadi city through the climatic data and trying to find out the impact of each element on climatic ones on the  traffic stream in the study area.

This study also aims at reducing the impact of the climate in the traffic accidents in Ramadi city via finding some treatments to reduce the impact of the climatic characteristics in the occurrence of traffic accidents.

The study comes up with that all the climate elements: rain, dust storms and fog have a direct effect on the occurrence of a number of accidents in the study area.

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