Using Flipped Classroom Technique on Online Teaching Platform during COVID-19

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Christ Helan I, Dr. K. Anbazhagan


Owing to the spread of COVID-19, in order to maintain teaching learning during this disruption, the educational system is shifted to online teaching. This article is aimed to analyse the recent trends and the need for revision in the material. The impact of flipped teaching method on students and challenges were analysed in this research to investigate the pre-existing studies, technological tools and the online platform. The quasi-experimental method is used to analyse the implication of FL technique. The students of Engineering and Technology were selected as samples. On the whole 128 students from two sections have used the teaching of Flipped learning approach for the experimental group and 67 students from one section have been using traditional lectures for the control group. In the students’ perceptions, flipped learning is included with questionnaires of open-ended and close-ended. The results have shown flipped learning has better performance. They have become conscious of a unique set of affordances and restrictions; they have shown more attention to flipped learning. It is  found  that different departments were using the FL approach and online technological sources have been used for online practice. The flipped classroom has brought positive results on students’ learning activities like achievements, interactions, motivations, and so on. Poor quality of video and untrained lecturer has been addressed as a great challenge in inculcating the flipped classroom environment.

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