Home Maintenance Business Centre Using Global Positioning System (GPS) Technique in IR 4.0 Era

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Yousef A.Baker El-Ebiary et al.


Home helper is very much sought nowadays as it will alleviate the burden of performing the daily chores at home. Home helpers are usually self-employed and provide home service on a part-time basis.  However, to acquire home helper services within local community is quite challenging because the public do not know where and how to reach the person with this services. The examples of services that can be offered include chaperone services, garden maintenance, meals preparation, pet care assistance, household chores assistance or even companionship for the elderly. Obviously, there is a gap between home service providers and the local community who demanded the services. People who offer the services usually promote their services using flyers or by passing their phone number to people. This is not a systematic marketing strategy since the dissemination of information is limited to just a small group of local community. Hence, i-HomeHelper acts as a dynamic platform for individuals to promote their services to the nearby public who require their services using modern technologies in Industry Revolution 4.0 (IR4.0) and Global Positioning Systems (GPS).  i-HomeHelper enables systematic booking process for the required services and also serves as a platform to promote various services that are available.  Details of services that include prices, name of the home helpers and contact numbers are also displayed at the promoting page so that the public can choose the services that meet their criteria. It is anticipated that this application will create an ecosystem of inclusive economic growth for these self-employed individuals and benefits the public who really need an assistance on the household chores or home maintenance

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