The Impact Of Death Anxiety On Quality Of Life Among Cancer Patients: A Case Of Bahawalpur And Multan District

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Siraj Hussain et al.


The current study aimed to carved the impact of death anxiety on quality of life among cancer patients. The study focused to find out the difference of death anxiety in the context of gender and socio-demographic factors; and to seek out the impact of death anxiety on the quality of life of cancer patients. Purposive sampling technique was opted to collect the N= 110 cancer patients from Victoria hospital Bahawalpur and the Minar hospital Multan though the cross-sectional survey research design. The instrument was adopted from Lemming fear of death anxiety scale and WHOQOL. To cognizant the study Correlation t-test was computed which put forth that women cancer patients have a positive correlation between death anxiety and the quality of life.  The conclusion is there is an impact of death anxiety on quality of life among patients who were hospitalized. Death anxiety has a negative impact on quality of life among cancer patients. Patients both male and female experience death anxiety at a certain level that may impact their quality of life, cancer patients who were hospitalized they have more death anxiety than other cancer patients. Septate Psychological counseling sessions can assist to decline the death anxiety among cancer patients.

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