Pedagogical leadership and educational management in the teaching practice of SENA - Colombia

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Verónica Johana Suárez Molina et al.


The purpose of the research was to determine the influence of pedagogical leadership and educational management on the teaching practice of the SENA's technical and technological training centers in Colombia. The study has a mixed approach, in the quantitative approach it was the non-experimental design and in the qualitative approach it followed the phenomenological-hermeneutic design. For the quantitative study, the population was made up of 201 professional instructors, located in 33 regions of Colombia where the SENA is present, and for the qualitative study, 8 teaching directors. The application instruments were a questionnaire and a semi-structured interview guide. In conclusion, there is a relationship between the influence of the pedagogical leadership of the direction and the educational management in the teaching practice of the SENA training centers in Colombia

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