Energy Aware Hierarchal Data Aggregation and Trust Based Data Integrity Verification for WSN

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Masthan Ali A.H, Ali Ahammed G.F, Reshman Banu


Currently the demand of wireless sensor networks has gained huge attraction due to its wide range of applications. Generally, these nodes are equipped with limited power resource and deployed in harsh environment where replacing these resources is a tedious task. Due to these issues, minimizing the energy consumption is a prime task to prolong the network lifetime. To overcome the challenging issue of data aggregation we introduced a novel combined mechanism which performs clustering and trust computing process to improve the data aggregation. According to this scheme, we arrange the nodes as normal node, advanced node and super nodes based on their residual energy parameters. The proposed model uses hierarchal scheme where we present a new mechanism for optimal number of cluster formation and cluster head selection. After selecting the cluster head, we apply trust computation scheme which provides sensing trust, link trust and node trust. The node trust is computed as direct and indirect trust. This trust mechanism is used as hop-by-hop manner to maintain he data integrity. The experimental study shows that proposed approach achieves better performance and maintains the security aspects of WSN.


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