“Impact of technology on different leadership styles to support distanced working: A study of India's service sector with reference to Delhi / NCR area”

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N.Suresh Kumar, Dr.(Ms) Shikha Kapoor


Indian service sector has witnessed the growth of technology at unprecedented pace that has impacted the creation and development of remote working environment. This changing organizational environment and market demands require an alignment between technology and leadership. In this context the current study aims to find the impact of technology on different leadership styles to support distanced working, particularly, after the spread of the global pandemic. For this, 328 respondents working in service sector of Delhi &NCR were surveyedthrough structured questionnaire. Findings of the study revealed that technology has an influence on different leadership styles in supporting distanced working by providing clear communication, skill management, participation, or guiding work behavior. Additionally, technology plays significant role of enabling distanced working through contribution of technology in supporting communication and mobility, determination of technology task-fit, or creating of sense of unity. Thus, using the practices like cloud based internal communication portal or the reward and recognition facility, the benefit of technology could be derivedandbusiness continuity.

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