Knowledge Integration in Engineering, Procurement and Construction Projects: A Conceptual Study

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Sachin Mittal, Dr. Naaz Gorowara


EPC is a contractual arrangement in which the responsibility related to engineering services, procurement of raw materials, and construction lie with the contractor. Solar plants, infrastructure projects are some of the examples of EPC projects. With the need of rapid infrastructural development in developing countries like India needs scientific and better management strategies for the EPC projects.EPC projects are diverse requiring proper integration of knowledge of different fields of management and engineering.It is an accepted fact that when any term is understood conceptually it lasts long and is easier to integrate with other concepts.The workforce involved in the projects can share their knowledge with future projects which would lead to better knowledge integration. The problems of the EPC projects is unique therefore knowledge integration and better management strategies will go a long way in enhancing the efficiency of EPC projects. Thefocus of the paper is to identify the nature of EPC projects and understand conceptually the management strategies which can be used in the EPC projects for increasing the performance.The study is important for developing countries like India where EPC projects are gaining increased popularity.

Keywords: EPC Projects, Management Strategies, knowledge integration.

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