Do Differences Exist in the Perception of Doctors and Nurses on Quality Management Practices in Accredited Hospitals?

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B. Aarthy. M.H.M., D.LL.AL,G. Kannabiran PhD, Vallinayagam Arumugam


Background / Aim: The role of medical professionals in implementing quality management practices deserves significant importance in healthcare system. Hence, this study aims to explore the perception of doctors and nurses of accredited hospitals on quality management practices (QMP). Further, the studyexamined whether any difference exists in their perception towards the dimensions of quality management practices. The quality dimensions considered for the study are: Top management commitment (TMC), Quality assurance system (QAS), Quality improvement outcomes (QIO), Adherence to Accreditation program (AAP) and Human Resource (HR) participation in quality.Moreover,this studyalso observed influences of awareness trainingon perception towards quality practices.

Methods: The study covered hospitals accredited with NABH (National Accreditation Board of Hospitals and Healthcare Providers) and 440 doctors and nurses participated in the study. Mean, and the standard deviation were used to determine the Quality Management Practices variables. ANOVA was used to test the perception among the doctors and nurses towards quality management practices. 

Results: The study proclaims doctors and nurses significantly differ in their perception about Quality Improvement Outcome and Adherence to Accreditation Program than other dimensions of quality management practices studied. The quality awareness training has no influence on their perception about quality management practices.

Conclusion: Doctors and nurses significantly differ in their perception for two of the five dimensions of quality management practices studied. Comprehensive conceptualisation of quality management practices would inspire doctors and nurses to voluntarily participate in quality management practices. Greater involvement of medical professionals would heighten the quality to benefit the healthcare clientele.

Keywords: Healthcare, Quality management practices, Perception, Accreditation,

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