Effect of Circuit Training and Suryanamaskara for development of Explosive Strength among Basketball Players of Osmania University, Hyderabad

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Dr. G. Shyam Mohan Reddy, Dr. R.Rajeswari, Joji Reddy Boggula


The purpose of the present study is to find out the effect of Circuit Training and Surya Namaskars for development of Explosive Strength among Men Basketball Players. The sample for the present study consists of 60 randomly selected Subjected aged 18-21 years male basketball players of Osmania University Hyderabad out of which N=20 are experimental group I (Circuit Training) and N=20 group II (Surya Namaskars) and N=20 are controlled group. Circuit Training exercises such as Medicine Ball Throws, bounding, Shuttle run, tuck jumps, Pushups. Sit ups etc were given to experimental group I. And Surya Namaskar which consist 12 stages of different Asana’s were given to Experimental group Group II on alternate days i.e., three sessions per week and controlled group were given the general training for six weeks. Pre-Test and Post Test were conducted in Standing Broad Jump Test to measure the Explosive Strength among experimental group I and Experimental Group II and controlled group. This study shows that due to the Circuit training and Surya Namaskars there is a improvement of experimental group I and Experimental Group II in the Explosive Strength and the controlled group is decreased in performance of Explosive Strength. It is concluded that due to Circuit Training exercises and Surya Namaskars Exercise there will be improvement in Explosive Strength among men basketball players.

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