Innovative Learning Environment for Training Competitive Education Specialists of Ukraine Innovative Environment of Higher Education in Ukraine

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Nataliia V. Bakhmat et al.


In the conditions of Ukraine’s integration into the European educational space,it is necessary for the universities to urgently enrich the learning environment with innovative educational technologies, forms and methods which would promote the formation of competent educationists capable of integrating into the European educational environment. Training highly skilled specialists induces higher educational institutions to design and introduce strategic approaches to the use of innovative information technologies able to provide the new paradigmof professional training of specialists in the current market conditions. The paperoffers the authors’ approaches toforming professional competencies in education specialistsby using IT-based techniques athigher educational institutions, which would allow future teachers to organize educational activities, establish permanent communication and informationrelations with students and their parents, with the administration of the educational institution, to promote professional proficiencyas well as carry out the search of educational and scientific literature.

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