Professional Value Orientations of Students in Internet Socialization: Interdisciplinary Elaboration of Concepts

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Marina S. Chvanova, Irina A. Kiseleva, Yury V. Shlenov


The Internet socialization of youth over traditional agents of socialization and transforms the system of professional value orientations. Fragmentary studies in different fields of knowledge cannot offer a systematic understanding of what is happening at the interdisciplinary level. For the same reason, it is difficult to create modern, adequate professionally oriented programs for university education. This article examines the making of the concept of ‘professional value orientations of students’. The theoretical foundations of the formation of professional value orientations of students are revealed based on the philosophical, sociological, psychological and pedagogical studies in this area. The approaches to the classification of professional value orientations are analyzed. A classification in the context of Internet socialization is proposed. The development of professional value orientations is analyzed in the historical and logical sequence in the framework of the proposed classification, showing the changing stages and characteristic features. The outcome of the study can be applied a basisfor creating new professional education programs in reliance onthe best practices of the past and thecurrent developments and trends. The disciplines in universities can be enriched with new opportunities for Internet socialization and motivate young people for professionally oriented communication.

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