Forming Conflictological Competence of a Would-Be Teacher in the Multicultural Educational Space of a University

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Nadezhda G. Markova et al.


The article deals with the problem and necessity of forming students’ conflictological competence as an important component of the future teacher’s readiness for professional activity; the main components of conflictological competence are revealed. The characteristic is given to the competence approach and its role in forming conflictological competence of would-be teachers in a multicultural educational space. The authors posit the importance of theoretical knowledge, skills and abilities of a would-be teacher in the field of conflict management at all levels of interaction to minimize its destructive forms of manifestation. The study found that the formation of conflict-free interaction skills will enable a would-be teacher to build constructive interactions, be flexible and prompt in analyzing situations of interpersonal relationships, manage their emotional and volitional state in conflict and pre-conflict situations. The article presents an in-depth analysis of the scientific and methodological literature on the topic.

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