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Pongsakorn Kingsuwankul, Thatsanan Chutosri, Thanakorn Uiphanit, Pongpisit Liangyoo, Wannarat Bunchongkien, Natcha Watthanaprapha


Learning with games has recently been the alternative method for teachers in class as another interesting way to represent their lessons in the more attractive perspective. This research proposed the methodology to promote the correct use of manners and rules in using libraries. It is intended to provide users with the rules of using the library. RPG game has been developed to provide users with rules and manners in using library while they play. The research focused on 6 basic regulations in using library and missions of the game have been designed based on those rules. The player will be playing as a protagonist of the library game who has tasks to pass and would be able to learn the Do’s and Don’ts in using library. Interview and Google form have been used to collect data after the gameplay to determine satisfaction level and feedback from users. The sample group used in this research were 50 library users of Phasi Charoen. The statistics used for data analysis were percentage, mean and standard deviation. The research results were found as followed; 1. Results of game quality analysis promoting the use of Phasi Charoen Learning Library, Phasi Charoen District, Bangkok Province. Overall, it was at a very good level and considering each aspect. It is very good in all aspects, namely, content, presentation and game format, illustrations and characters System and display. And functional aspects of the game 2. Users are satisfied with the learning of rules and manners of using library via RPG games.

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