How Personal Branding Affects Millennialsí Career Success

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Melissa T. Nugraha, Dixie Dwimaida, Lili Hasan, Rini Setiowati


In a very competitive job market, personal branding has become one of the most important career management tools for success. As such, people may aspire to be different from others by having the right branding for themselves. In Indonesia, it has become increasingly difficult to compete in the job market due to an increasing number of people applying for limited job vacancies. This study investigates the relationship between personal branding and career success among millennials. It aims to see how the millennial generation in Jakarta perceives personal branding and determine strategies they use for career advancement. In this study, a questionnaire was distributed online to employees in Jakarta between the ages of 21 to 38 years old. Multiple regression analysis was employed to analyze the data. This study finds that only self-promotion and ingratiation have a significant and positive relationship towards career success

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