Fairs, Festivals, & other Socio-cultural events in Post COVID-19 scenarios: Assessing the motives amongst the University Communities in India

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Rojalin Mohanty, Dr. Ansuman Samal, Prof. (Dr.) Sitikantha Mishra, Prof. (Dr.) Jyotirmoyee Jena4


The deadly malady of COVID-19 is probably in its post prime phase with gradual resumption of various business activities including that of hospitality & tourism sector. But in these changed scenarios, we need to carefully assess the motives of the customers who are both anxious for returning to their usual practice of visiting out as well as apprehensive towards their safety. In this regard, a study was conducted in the capital city of bhubaneswar, in Odisha, India amongst the students, faculty members and administrative staffs in two of the leading deemed to be universities where we we were able to got a total of 654 numbers of responses. The feedbacks were obtained though a stuctured questionnire majorly done through electronic mode during the months of November and December 2020 where questions were asked to capture their demograhic profiles, lifestyles and behavioural data in both pre and post pandemic scenarios. Also their outlooks towards visiting practices and their willingess to return to their usual habits as praticed before the outbreak of the pademic etc. were captured. The results revealed differential aspects towards the changed & changing lifestyles amongst the people where many have become more aware, consious, as well as vigilante towards their safety and they certainly bear different expectations from the service providers before returning to their usual affiars. The findings of the study can definitely help the government, policy makers, and the business communities to incorporate the expected levels of provisions in their offerings as well as redesign their facilitites and strategies to attract the customers as before.

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