The Effects of Color and Style of Boutique Hotels on Consumer’s Emotion and Perceived Intimacy

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Anindita Retna Anjani, Dynda Rizky, Primidya Kartika Miranda Soesilo


The hospitality sector especially hotels help segment the market, targeting and positioning in the market with their good service. Boutique hotels are usually located in many cities that are the center of business and entertainment and the interior design of a boutique hotel is usually different from other hotels making it interesting and has its own characteristics and atmosphere. Wakefield and Blodgett (1999) state that the physical environment is critical to generating excitement and evaluating the quality of intangible services with subsequent attitudinal and behavioral outcomes. This study intends to determine the effect of color and interior design style on consumer emotions and perceived intimacy in boutique hotel rooms. Based on experiments, we manipulate interior images using 3 studies to consumers or visitors of boutique hotels. The results show that color has a significant effect on consumer emotions and intimacy, but the interior style does not have a significant effect on pleasure. This research can help the interior designers and hotel managers to design comfortably boutique hotels for visitors so they can visit again and increase hotel revenue.

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