Stock Returns Impact of Earning Per Share and Return on Equity Companies Listed on the LQ45 Index

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Dede Hertina*, Irana Dewi, Ramadhan Putra Arkananto, Moch Zhafran Yassar, Ananda Ravi Wiherdianto


This study aims to determine the effect of earnings per share and return on equity on stock returns on LQ45 index companies in the Indonesia Stock Exchange in the 2013-2018 period. This study uses descriptive associative methods with quantitative research types to determine the causal relationship between variables. There are 20 companies determined as samples in this study using purposive sampling techniques. The results showed that the variable earnings per share and return on equity simultaneously and partially affected stock returns. The results showed that earning per share and return on equity influence the stock returns of 0.233860 and 0.52908, respectively.


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