The Influence of Individual Characteristics and Motivation on Work Achievement during the COVID19 Pandemic (Case Study of Student Activity Unit in Arts and Sports at Widyatama University)

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Pipin Sukandi*, Riska Rahma Permata Sari, Sandy Agung Kencana Supriyadi, Selviana Sutardi, Viana Maulidina


This study aims to determine the effect of individual characteristics and motivation on the achievement of arts and sports student club in Widyatama. The independent variables are motivation and characteristics. The research was conducted using a quantitative approach. The research data was obtained by asking questions to the subject and recording the answers to be analyzed critically. This type of research is descriptive - verification using primary data and secondary data. The results showed that there was a simultaneously significant effect of the individual characteristics and motivation variables on work performance. In the individual characteristics and motivation variables, there is a partially significant effect on work performance, amounting to 75.3%. Furthermore, job performance variables can be explained by individual characteristics and motivation variables, while the remaining 24.7% is explained by other variables.

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