The Influence of Entrepreneurship Education and Entrepreneurial Attitude Orientation Toward Entrepreneurial Intention, Students of Economic and Business Faculty, Widyatama University

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Fauzi Ramadhan*, Muhammad Abi Ibrahim, Risma Fauziah Rachmat, Vintage Indiana Khadznan Eka Lesmana, Meriza Hendri


Faculty of Economics and Business, Widyatama University provides entrepreneurship education for two semesters which consists of theory and practical and supported by lecturers, facility, curriculum, and teaching methodology. Research objectives are to describe and analyze how is entrepreneurship education, entrepreneurial Attitude Orientation and entrepreneurial intention, the influence of entrepreneurship education toward entrepreneurial intention and the influence of entrepreneurial Attitude Orientation toward entrepreneurial intention. Research methodology used is quantitative research and descriptive verificative approach to answer research question. Regression analysis is used to analyze data from 4993 population and by using Slovin, sample become 100 students. Research’s findings are entrepreneurship education is responded good with lecturers as the highest dimension and curriculum as the lowest dimension. Entrepreneurial Attitude Orientation is responded good with Personal Control as the highest dimension and achievement as the lowest is dimension. Entrepreneurial intention is responded good with dimension conative as the highest dimension and cognition as the lowest dimension. Entrepreneurship education influences entrepreneurial intention with value 30%. Entrepreneurial attitude orientation influences entrepreneurial intention with value 33.5%. It indicates entrepreneurial attitude orientation has a greater influence than entrepreneurship education on entrepreneurial intention.

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