A Multipurpose E-commerce System Using Haversine formula and A* Algorithm

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Emad Sa’adeh, Bara Barham, Osama Odeh


In this paper we provide the design and implementation of a web-based real-time interactive e-commerce system. Besides the ordinary features of currently working e-commerce systems in the market, we fully implement three advanced features in our new system. The first feature provides customers with the ability to access products of all stores within a specific area surrounding them, implemented by using a customized Haversine Formula. The second feature fetches the shortest path between the store’s location and the customer's location, implemented by using a customized A* algorithm. The last feature implemented by an enhanced observer design pattern gives customers the ability to watch product price modifications according to their individual criteria. All the customized algorithms used in the system are fully evaluated and tested. Different technologies are used to implement our system like ReactJS, NodeJS, Socket.Io , Firebase , and Google API. The complete code is available on the GitHub code hosting website.

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