Effectiveness of Working from Home and Online Based Training to Support Employee Performance During Covid 19 Pandemic

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Frita Rizkyanti Maulida*, Rahman Ardiansyah, Taufik Hidayat, Jovani Deninta Fitri, Neuneung Ratna Hayati


The purpose of this research was to measure the effectiveness of working from home and online employee training to support employee performance throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. This research uses a quantitative approach through a survey by distributing questionnaires online to employees who have experienced workplace changes due to the Covid-19 pandemic, namely working from home and experiencing online training patterns organized by the organizations where they work. This research involved 112 respondents from various backgrounds in the field of work. The hypothesis testing results show that only online training changes can significantly sustain employee performance during the Covid-19 pandemic, not by working from home. Another exciting point shows that most respondents (70.54%) chose to return to work from the office, and as many as 29.46% chose to continue working from home for the long term. Currently, research on employee performance during Covid-19 is still minimal, so these results are expected to contribute to investigating respondents' perceptions of various changes in work patterns during the pandemic. The results of this research require caution in generalizing the results of the research. Further researchers can further explore to understand the effect of changes in work systems and their effects on employee attitudes and behavior using different contexts.

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