Slang Words on Astroworld Album by Travis Scott: A Sociolinguistics Study

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Puspita Sari*, Raden Alif Aulia Akbar Nagiantara, Muhammad Reyzi, Muhamad Luthfi Ghifary, David Christian Hutapea


This paper is entitled Slang Words on Astroworld Album by Travis Scott: A Sociolinguistics Study. The aims of this research are to identify types and meanings of slang words from lyrics of Astroworlds Album by Travis Scott as a theory proposed by Patridge. The method used in this research is a descriptive method which is a method used to find the elements and characteristics of a phenomenon, in this case by identifying the types and meanings of slang words on Astroworld album. The data is analyzed using the following steps, such as listening to all the songs on the Astroworld album, identifying the lyrics included into slang words, collecting data, in this case the lyrics that are included into slang language, classifying the slang words based on the types of slang language, analyzing the data based on types of slang and its meaning, and making a conclusion from the data analysis. The result shows that there five types of slang words found in the Astroworlds Album: Society Slang (24 words), Slang in Publicity (12 words), Slang in Medicine (5 words), Cockney Slang (3 words) and Public House Slang (2 words).  The meanings of each word refer to the word terms taken from Of the 46 total data found, society slang is the type of slang word that is mostly found. This happens because most of the song lyrics tell of social matters that are motivated by the life experiences of the songwriters.


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