Types of Illocutionary Acts in the Movie the Wolf of Wallstreet: Pragmatics Study

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Ervina CM Simatupang*, Athoriq Fathurrohman, Aziz Adi Suryo, Rizky Fauzi Rachman, Hana Kireina Nurfitri


Illocutionary act is a part of speech acts which performed through utterance which explains the speaker intention. Based on theory by Yule (1996:48) said that illocutionary act is performed via the communicative force of an utterance. It is the act of doing something because it has force and function to make the hearer do what the speaker means in his utterance. And Edmorison (1981) defines illocutionary act as viewed utterances by means of which a speaker communicates his feelings, attitudes, belief, or utterance which is produced by the speaker to make the hearer do something as what the speaker expects, that have some effect to the hearer. The research shows that within the dialogue in the movie The Wolf of Wallstreet contains all five types of illocutionary acts. The movie The Wolf of Wallstreet is a real event adaptation of Jordan Belfort as a stockbroker, telling a story about how his life change once he becomes a stockbroker. The movie directed by Martin Scorsese. By looking through the context it has a significant communication process, if the speaker and the addressee lack of coherence of the context, it’ll make them unable to understand each other. The data was taken from The Wolf of Wallstreet. The method used in this thesis is the analytical descriptive-comparative method. It is used to get a clear and objective description of the Illocutionary in the movie.

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