The Influence of Social Media Promotion Strategies on Price-Mediated Purchase Decisions (Case Study at PT. Lazada Bandung)

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R. Adjeng Mariana Febrianti, Abdul Gofur, Farid Aulia


This study aims to determine the effect of social media promotion strategies on purchasing decisions with price variables as intervening at PT. Lazada Bandung. This study used a descriptive verification approach, a sample of 131 people and the technique used was SEM with Amos software version 20. The primary data of this study were obtained from a questionnaire. Meanwhile, secondary data is obtained through publication and literature study. The results showed that the social media promotion strategy variable had a positive and significant effect on purchasing decisions and prices. Then the promotion strategy has a positive effect on purchasing decisions through price mediation. This study aims to determine the aspects of promotion through social media related to purchasing decisions at PT. Lazada Bandung. This study emphasizes the aspects of promotional content used by organizations that have an impact on purchasing decisions so that it is expected to expand the repertoire of management literature, especially in the field of marketing.


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