The Influence of Online Customer Review and Price on Purchase Decision Through Shopee in Covid-19 Period (Survey of Shopee Customers in Bandung in 2020)

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Cahyo Adi Prasetyo*, Rizaldy Abdzu Aziiz, Fuad Iqbal Maruf, Irena Khatrin Alvia, Didi Tarmidi,


This research has a purpose to explain impact of online customer review and price variables on purchase decision of Shopee marketplace buyer in Bandung. Research Methods use descriptive verification approach, and 100 Shopee user were sampled using multiple regression analysis assisted by SPSS 25 software. Primary data from this research were obtained from questionnaires. At the same time, secondary data is obtained through notes and publications and literature. Based on outcome of the research, that there was an influence between the variables of online customer review and price on purchase decision at Shopee marketplace buyer in Bandung. However, the influence of the online customer review variable does not indicate high impact on purchase decision, but price variable influence significantly influence the Bandung buyers to do buying action in Shopee marketplace (purchase decision). Good price will help online seller or online store have a good competitive advantage to attract the market.

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