Consumer Decision to Organize Weddings in Pandemic Period Based on Price, Service Quality, and Public Relations Offered by Wedding Organizer

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Artarina D.A. Samoedra, Mochamad F. Ekawarna, Tasa Islami


The wedding services industry has experienced a very drastic decline, which has resulted in many parties involved in organizing weddings experiencing considerable losses. The limitation of the current pandemic is one of the causes of decreased income because the wedding service industry is reducing market prices and improving service quality by adding protection through the application of health protocols and improving public relations by fostering good relationships with prospective clients who have already been offered offers. It is done independently to strengthen the decisions of people who have wedding plans to continue carrying out their marriages in the pandemic season following applicable regulations. This research was conducted on prospective clients who have received a wedding package offer from the wedding organizer community in Bandung, with a sample of 72 people. It is then calculated using Path Analysis to see the effect of the three independent variables above on the predetermined dependent variable. Then suggestions will be given, which can later be applied to the wedding services industry.

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