Register Used by the Profession of the Indonesian Online Drivers on Their Daily Jobs

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Lavedri Emigio Asmara*, Elga Pratama Putra, Carenia, Ferdiansyah Aditya Nugraha, Hero Gunawan


The purpose of the study is 1) to identify the register and 2) what factor that make online driver use register on the daily basis. This discussion is quite interesting, because in everyday life, the needs of the public towards online transportation, including online motorcycle taxis certainly affect the number of drivers. This can be seen from the work of online ojek drivers who are increasingly in demand in recent times, and many of the online motorcycle taxis communicate with a fairly unique vocabulary that is commonly used in their daily lives. As a solution to the curiosity of the way of daily communication online ojek drivers, this research was made to answer that curiosity. The method used is qualitative-quantitative. The process of collecting data is done by distributing questioner which contained unique words such as anyep and vermuk. The following vocabulary is quite famous among drivers. The result indicates that there is only one type of register found, that is casual register. The factor that makes the online drivers use such a kind of register is for creating new friends easily and nice socialization among them because the casual register is an informal form of language used by peers and friends. It is very helpful for online drivers to get more new friends.


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