Improvement of PT XYZ Assembly Line Design Using Helgeson-Birnie Method

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Annisa Maharani Suyono, Rendiyatna Ferdian


XYZ, which is engaged in production and assembly, is experiencing difficulties in the production process of their products. The condition of PT. XYZ's current production line is less effective, it can be seen from the average idle time of 37.56%. The overall average efficiency of PT. XYZ is 62.44%, this condition occurs due to the uneven workload between work stations. In this research, a proposed assembly line track design using the Helgeson-Birnie method will be carried out. The criteria used for comparison of assembly lines is to look at the efficiency of the assembly line and the Smoothness Index (SI) value. The results obtained from the 6 iterations that have been carried out, the results show that the best proposal produces a Smoothness Index value of 11.64 with a trajectory efficiency of 89.35%.


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