Analysis of Performance, Motivation and Training on the Performance of the Bhabinkamtibmas Police Members of the Cimahi Police

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Titto Rohendra*, Imam Ferdian, Muhamad Farhan, Fachrizal Saputra, Dennis Arya Mahesa S.


The high performance demands of the National Police in serving the community have made the Police continue to improve internally and carry out various innovative programs in order to provide maximum service to the community. The Cimahi Police are subordinate to the West Java Regional Police. Based on the data, it shows that Bhabinkamtibmas in several Polsek in the Cimahi area has a less than satisfactory performance in serving the surrounding community. The method in this research is design verification. The population in the study as many as 186 members obtained by saturated sampling method. The statistical test used is path analysis. The research results show that the total direct effect of the independent variables on performance, motivation and training allowances on performance is 86.32%.

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