Emotional Intelligence of Secondary School Teachers and Socio-Demographic Factors Nexus: An Empirical Investigation in the District Vehari

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Hafsah Batool Lahore, Nabeela Nazly


The study was aimed to investigate the emotional intelligence of secondary school teachers. The descriptive research design was used in this study. Further, Survey method was applied to collect data using questionnaire. It was quantitative analysis base study. Secondary school teachers i.e. 890 of district Vehari were the population of the study out of whom 267 teachers were selected as sample. The sample was selected using cluster random sampling. Daniel Goleman (1995) was developed a structured questionnaire that is used in this study. It was consisted of 50 statements under five factors of EI i.e. self-awareness, managing oneself, managing emotions, empathy, and social skill. Th,e piloting of the instrument was also done. Cronbach Alpha value was found to be 0.74. The data were collected by the researcher herself and with the help of friends. The response rate was 93.6%. SPSS was used for database development and analysis. No significant difference was found between age, gender and experience for five factors of emotional intelligence. It was recommended that there should be a training program to develop EI in teachers.


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