Organizational Learning in IT Companies: The Importance of Gamification and Knowledge Creation

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Desman Hidayat et al.


This study examines the impact of gamification and Knowledge Creation (KC) towards organizational learning. Organizational Learning (OL) is believed to be an essential factor that information technology (IT) companies need to be concerned with to sustain. Gamification can raise the employees’ motivation to learn by making the learning process fun, while knowledge is the foundation of learning that consists of the interaction between tacit and explicit knowledge. This study used five-point scale Likert survey questionnaire to collect data from 60 medium-large Indonesian IT companies with a minimum ten years of establishment. The questionnaire was distributed from September 2020 to November 2020. The data were analyzed by Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) using SmartPLS. The results show that gamification has a positive effect towards OL and KC, KC positively affects OL, and KC is also mediating the relationship between gamification and OL. The findings of this study suggest that Indonesian IT companies should increase KC in their companies and implement gamification to raise the motivation of the employee to learn. This study contributes to the literature by having an empirical research on how gamification can be effective to use in companies and the importance of KC as a mediating factor.  

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