Study on Influences of Learning Apps in Children’s Development Pertaining to Physical, Psycho-Social and Economic Variants

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S. Gopika et al.


In the past few decades, public schools and college students in many parts of the world have adopted and used electronic learning or e-learning. But the growth of app based learning and e-learning in the recent pandemic year was beyond expectation. The increased necessity and the rapid growth of usage in technology has made almost everything possible through online means. Use of Learning Apps in teaching has the potential to convert the way teachers educate students. It is a fact that learning Apps cannot replace instructors and teachers, but these technological advancements can upgrade the quality and reach of their educating skills. Children are enthusiastic users of technology much higher than the previous generations. Naturally, after effects of this increased use in technological skill and its impact in development of their brain, their emotional, social, cognitive and physical development are questions under concern. This research work is interested in the investigation of bringing out the pros and cons of technology usage in young generation. This work focus on the study and analysis of the consequences of technology use, and how this impacts children’s brains and their socio-emotional, cognitive and physical development. This research work brings out the pros and cons of technology usage in young generation.

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