Teaching Soft Skills at Undergraduate Level: Some Observations

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Dr. S J Nikam


Soft skills have become a high demand commodity among hiring managers in the corporate world. This problem presents a challenge for both the employer and employee in the workplace. Soft skills refer to social skills and emotional intelligence abilities that help employees work well together in an organization. These skills include; teamwork, conflict resolution, creativity, adaptability, time management, and critical thinking. Soft skills are vital in acquiring employment, job security, and career success.

Furthermore, these skills are beneficial in life altogether. A few decades ago, hard skills were the only prerequisite to getting a job. However, as the information era emerged and the world grew more technology-based, the focus shifted from hard skills to soft skills. Undoubtedly, hard skills are still vital in performing in various fields, but soft skills have become equally important. Due to the increasing demand for soft skills, Universities are under pressure to integrate soft skills into degree programs. This paper explores how universities incorporate soft skills into their education programs and the importance of teaching these skills to students. Subsequently, this study will observe the effectiveness of the training and provide solutions for any limitations.

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