The Impact of COVID-19 on Anxiety in a Sample of University Students in Egypt

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Dalia Bedewy


Covid-19 pandemic forced extreme shift in life and educational settings. This study aims at investigating anxiety among students of different universities in three regions in Egypt 1- Cairo (the capital).2- Tanta (Lower Egypt, in the river Nile delta). 3- Asyut (Upper Egypt, in the river Nile delta). The sample of the study (n= 604) participated 6 weeks after the suspension of on campus classes of the new spring semester during the outbreak of Covid-19. Using The Self Rating Anxiety Scale – SAS (Zung, 1971), the results reveals that the sample showed that the mean SAS score was significantly high 46.55 (SD = 7.67). Though the study results points out that there was no significant difference between students majoring in arts and sciences neither there were differences between the universities from different regions, Significant sex differences were found and male students showed more anxiety than female students

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