The Pattern of Life of Spoken Communities: Ethnographic Studies of Communication on Student's Social Life

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Pahrul Idham Kaliky, Hanafi Bilmona, Aisa Abas


Students are a social community where the basic views and primary cells grow from the basic views and scientific disciplines in the academic world. Students have their own culture of social life in their main activities, which are seen as very functioning as the main pillar in the development of human resources and as a determinant of a nation's quality level. The research aims to determine the social interaction behavior of students in several faculties at Pattimura University. With a background of good student social interaction behavior in several faculties, a harmonious social relationship will be built between fellow students in the Pattimura University campus environment. This research is qualitative research, designed based on a constructive paradigm in which every speech and action community is not only interpreted from a particular perspective but needs to be understood holistically based on the cultural approach and characteristics of each region. This research is based on an interpretive paradigm that views the world and objects of human life from their experience and subjectivity and has different views from the positivistic paradigm. When the positivistic paradigm uses a basic premise with a short phrase, knowledge is un-problematic, the interpretive paradigm sees the opposite.


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