Modification of a Learning Cycle Model Based on Positive Learning Environment to Improve Primary School StudentsScientific Literacy

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Atikah Syamsi, Zulela Saleh, Yufiarti


This study aimed to develop an alternative science learning in primary schoolsto improve students’scientific literacy through a learning cycle model based on a Positive Learning Environment. This research used a model development approach that adopted Borg & Gall and ASSURE (A-Analyze Learners, S-State Objectives, S-Select Media and Materials, U-Utilize Media and Materials, R-Require Learner Participation, and E-Evaluate and Revise) model. This research analyzed student needs, set goals, selected techniques, media, and teaching materials, andencouraged student engagement. The study started withneeds analysis onGrade 5Primary School students and Natural Science teachers as homeroom teachers. The research sample was Grade 5 Primary School students at two (2) schools in Cirebon City. The total research sample was 57 respondents. The last stage of the research was implementing the Natural Science learning model,using Siklus Belajar Berbasis Positive Learning Environment (SIBELPOLEN), to improve students’scientific literacy.The study focused on: (1) developinga SIBELPOLEN forNatural Science learning for primary schools; and (2)optimizingSIBELPOLEN for Natural Sciencelearning to improve the scientific literacy of primary schoolstudents. Findings confirmed that the SIBELPOLEN model increased students’ scientific literacyin two (2) Madrasah Ibditaiyah(MI) through the (a) eight (8) syntax stages and (b) free writing activities related to the learning experience.Learning outcomes (pre-test and post-test results) showed a 19-point increase in scientific literacy. Then, 31 students obtained medium category N-Gain, and 17 students received high category N-Gain. The N-Gain indicated that SIBELPOLEN increased students’ scientific literacy. The N-Gain average (56.36) showed that the SIBELPOLEN model moderately improved Grade 5 students’ scientific literacyattwo (2)MIin Cirebon City.

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