Building a Model of Character Education System for Higher Education through Excellent Service Standards: A Study on a Reputable Indonesian State University under the System Dynamic Approach

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Bambang Supriyono


The purpose of this study was to examine and describe the character education system implemented in Universitas Brawijaya, one of reputable university in Indonesia, using asystem dynamic approach. Character education represents the efforts of various parties to help children and adults to understand and care about others and act on core ethical values such as respect, responsibility, and civic virtue. Character building has always been an important part of education, not to exclude in higher education, since it helps the next generation to become responsible citizens. One of the main elements in realizing character building in higher education is the implementation of excellent service standards. Excellent services refer to a form of service that fulfills quality standards.The study employed a mixed-methods approach under an explanatory design with a sequential model. The Good University model became the model applied in the character education at one of the university’s school, named Faculty of Administrative Science, through the implementation of excellent service standards; indicators to improve included monitoring and evaluation, data display, and community services. Other indicators showed good performance including the following: lectures, quality assurance, and students.

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