Review on Performance Evaluation of Machining Characteristics using Vegetable-based Cutting Fluids – An approach towards Green Manufacturing

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Mohd. Asif I. Gandhi


Lubricants play a major role in decreasing friction and wear during the machining process. Commercial metal cutting fluids are non-renewable and also produces the harmful effect to the environment as well as the operators. The preparation and disposal cost of mineral oil is an expensive one. To promote sustainable and green manufacturing eco-friendly cutting fluid is the need of an hour. Vegetable oil is preferred as an alternative tocommercial cutting fluid owing to its environmentally friendly, biodegradability, renewable, and less toxic, as well as exceptional lubricating properties. This article discusses the influence of various vegetable oil used for the material removal process and its performance. Vegetable oils significantly enhance the machining characteristics in terms of cutting force, tool wear, and surface quality

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