An Assessment on Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence among the Women in Erode District of Tamil Nadu

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Dr.P. Ravichandran, Dr.R. Kadhirvel, Dr.R. satheeshkumar, Dr. R. Leelavathi,


Self-esteem does have an enormous influence on mental health. Self-esteem includes personality which affects the adjustment of people in different spheres.  Self – esteem is a persistent issue which requires continuous monitoring so that the behavioral pattern could be kept in tune with the changing requirements. Self- Esteem and self- confidence is one of the critical factors which are demanded by all kind of women in the society. This chapter gives females’ association between Gender, Income Level, and Family Type with Personality level. In this sense, 30 people were selected by the technique of survey method, data interpretation, and the 'self-scale' on each other. This study shows a significant and positive association between household income and personality as well as self-confidence through self- esteem in female's private lives. Also there are substantial differences among women in joint, nuclear and extended families with regard to their personality in family relations.  In family relations, Womens’ income has also shown the important connection to women's self-esteem create self- confidence in their life style.

“Without self-confidence we are babies in the cradle. ~Virginia Woolf”

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