Errors in EFL Students’ Writing: A Case of Senior High School Level Learners

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Husni Mubarok, Nina Sofiana


This study is aimed at investigating types of errors frequently found in students’ writing, and 2) examining sources of errors in EFL students’ writing.. Using students’ writing assignments, the data were analysed quantitatively and qualitatively. The finding shows that the students made the errors in the surface structure in their writing including misformation (58.18%), omission (20.15%), addition (16.35%), and misordering (5.32%).  Two sources had been identified to contribute the causes of the errors made by the students. The complexity of the English language system was found to be the major source of the students’ errors. It was also found that the interference of the students’ mother tongue made them create incorrect sentence. Therefore, some suggestions and recommendations are formulated to deal with this problem.

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