Influences of Networking and Teamwork on Performance of Public Taxi Cooperatives in Bangkok

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Yananda Siraphatthada


Networking, team working and team trust, all are positive factors at the workplace and cause positive outcomes. Networking and team working are employees’ level of basic positive factors. The objective of this study is to studies the influence of networking and teamwork on the Performance of Public Taxi Cooperatives in Bangkok. A simple random sampling technique was sued. Data is collected via questionnaire and dropdown method. Items approved from prior studies designed on a 5-point Likert scale.  Smart PLS used as the statistical tool.

Results direct that, networking and teamwork have a positive substantial influence on the performance of companies. It also recognized that teamwork has a positive influence on team trust. An increase in team trust also increases the performance of public taxi cooperatives. Team trust also mediates the relationship between teamwork and performance of public taxi cooperatives. It suggested to strategy architects that rise in performance of public taxi cooperatives via amassed networking, teamwork, and team trust amongst employees occupied in public taxi cooperatives operated in Bangkok, Thailand. 

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